Construction Style

All of our buildings start with a 3’ tall x 8” wide foundation wall with at least 16” x 8” footings. Unique to our foundation is a 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” notch, formed in the top outside edge of our wall to allow our steel siding a ledge to sit on below the framing line. This creates a water and mouse tight seal for the connection of framing to the foundation.  A minimum 4” floor is then poured inside your walls with rebar 2’ on center and then saw cut for expansion and crack control.

A professionally certified and engineered frame work and truss system form a sturdy, strong, long lasting backbone for your building.  All frame and truss designs are stamped, certified, and meet or exceed necessary loading requirements. 2”x 6” Select Structural hem fir wood roof purlins and wall girts between trusses and columns create one of the strongest building systems available. Purlins act as truss bridging, thus end wall wind loads are transmitted throughout the entire roof system.

All sheeting and trims are a minimum 29 gauge “tough rib” delta rib panel and come with a 25 year warranty against the paint fading or peeling. We attach it all with 1-1/2” screws that are actually screwed in to the 2 x 6 structure not just into wafer board (as with conventional framing). That’s why our screws don’t back out and our roof doesn’t blow off from our vibrating winds! Take a look there is a screw at least every nine inches down every board. This is not a “pole barn style building” with our design you get an actual 6” wall that you can insulate and finish smooth on the inside. Great detail is placed on window and door layout so that trims sit how they are intended. Our custom trim package puts the finishing touch to our Buildings. There is no wood exposed on the exterior of our buildings, this creates a long lasting, maintenance free exterior.

From a quality shell to a complete “turn key” building, Tri-County Builders has you covered. All of our building are custom built to customer specs, this allows your idea to be our blueprint.